Saturday, 26 January 2008

Friday's Girl doesn't like naps

Well yesterday Hannah basically didn't nap at all during the day - she managed 1 hour in total, so that had an effect on her eating from lunchtime onwards.

Breakfast was a normal portion of cheerios, which she disposed of very quickly (just as well, as we had to get out of the house). For lunch she ate half of a cream cheese sandwich - only half because she was sharing with William - at a local cafe. She also had a few bits out of my side salad, mainly slices of cucumber. Shortly after lunch we went to the soft play session at the leisure centre, where Hannah proceded to bounce on the bouncy castle, and attempt to crawl up the slide for another go once I'd let her on it once. So a good job she didn't eat *too* much, else I'm sure there would have been consequences!

Dinner was a plain quorn fillet, which she ate sat on my knee in the living room (bad mummy!). She was quite a fan of the quorn, and ate most of it, despite being so tired. Then it was straight to bed, and I think she fell asleep before her head hit the cot.

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