Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Casserole is messy!

Double update today, since I didn't get round to writing anything yesterday. Hannah breakfasted on cheerios, of course, and seems to be eating more and more of them. I think I need to find something else to give her along with her daily cheerio ration, this morning she was busy bashing her hands on the tray when they'd all gone. Normally that signal means I'm not providing food quickly enough for her liking.

For lunch yesterday, she had a couple of corn thins with cream cheese on. There was also a rusk, a raspberry flavour fromage frais, some tomato and cucumber. Today, she had two falafel served in half a pitta bread with copious amounts of cucumber minty yogurt sauce. She LOVED the yogurt stuff, and I ended up scooping more of it up with the pitta bread, and she actually ate a remarkable amount of the pitta bread, too. Wonders will never cease!

And to prove I'm not telling fibs about her prowess with a sippy cup, here she is showing off and using it one handed:

Dinner yesterday was vegetable casserole, which turns out to be quite messy to eat. Hannah did quite well with it, and seemed to prefer the juice that the casserole came in rather than the vegetables it actually contained. Some pieces of veg she just sucked clean and then ignored, but at least some of them did go down.

Today, I gave her a lentil pate and cream cheese sandwich, plus a fruit and yogurt digestive biscuit. Dinner was a rather rushed affair, as we'd been out for the afternoon and were later than planned getting back, so a bit short on time. But Hannah seemed to enjoy herself anyway, and judging by the amount of sandwich filling she managed to smear all over herself, she's angling for a bath in the near future :o)

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