Friday, 18 January 2008

Veggies and Pears

Argh, double update again, will try to get better about that! Anyway, two days of cheerios for breakfast again, no signs of Hannah getting bored of them, although I'm starting too. She is getting faster at eating her breakfast, she's gone from taking over half an hour to taking between 15-20 minutes.
Lunch yesterday was all of one breadstick, she wasn't interested in the cream cheese sandwich or the rusk which were also on offer. We were round at a friends for coffee and biscuits and I think she was rather distracted by all the other babies. Today, lunch was very late and she had peas, carrot, parsnip and sweet potato. The peas went down well but she wasn't all that fussed by the other veggies on offer, and mainly threw them on the floor.

Tea yesterday was a quorn fillet with carrot, parsnip, and sweet potato. She ate all of the quorn fillet, and not a huge amount of the veggies again. I don't know what's put her off her veg, time was that she'd go for any veg in a big way. To follow her quorn fillet she ate some tinned pear halves - two pears worth, so as you can tell they were pretty popular. I quite like giving her tinned fruit as it's so much softer than raw fruit - at least for things like pear - and she does seem to get on better and eat more of the tinned stuff. Plus things like peaches are out of season anyway, so I prefer getting them tinned.

Tea today was precisely nothing, she slept through it! I was planning on feeding her at 5.30 ish after her short nap, but at 6pm she was still asleep so I had to go and wake her up, then we were straight into the bedtime routine anyway (she didn't want to get up when I fetched her, either!).

So hopefully tomorrow we'll be back to normal service, two days of effectively just two meals must have short changed her in terms of calories, even though she slept through anyway and didn't seem to want extra milk. Oh, apart from today at about 1pm she did have an extra feed of about 150ml/5oz of expressed milk.

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