Saturday, 12 January 2008

Baked sweet potato and philly

Thankfully the teething seems over with for the moment, although I've discovered that Hannah's teeth are remarkably sharp and you really don't want your fingers anywhere near her mouth if you can avoid it.
Breakfast today was once again a bowl of cheerios, with full fat milk on. Must try a different cereal next time we buy some, even I'm getting bored of cheerios, and I don't eat them every day!

For lunch I baked a sweet potato, then scooped out the flesh from it and mixed half of it with some philly cheese, the other half with philly and beans. Then I placed it back into the potato skins and gave it Hannah. She seemed to love it, as you can see here:

She followed the sweet potato (of which she ate precisely no skin, naturally) with a raspberry fromage frais, and by the way she was smacking her forearms on the tray while the spoon was loaded for her, liked it a fair bit.

She didn't really get tea today, as we were out, but she did enjoy sharing my slice of carrot cake. I decided the icing would be bad for her, so I selflessly ate all that myself, but she didn't seem bothered :o)

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Laura McIntyre said...

We swap from cheerios now and then to maybe shreddies and weetabix (which im not doing just now as there SO messy) . But for the most part my girls want Cheerios all the time