Saturday, 22 December 2007

Nice bit of crumpet

Hannah slept really well last night, she's back to going through from 7pm till around 7.30am, hurrah! She's still got a runny nose, but is basically over her cold and back on fine form.

Breakfast today was cheerios again, I had to do them with semi skimmed milk as mum didn't have any full fat in the house. Fortunately I only put a little milk on anyway then drain the excess off so that the cheerios don't go too soggy. Hopefully it won't be bad for her!

For lunch, Hannah ate with us, which was really nice. She had some tomato and boursin tart, a stick of celery, some cucumber and tomato, some tomato and mozzerella ravioli, and a lightly cooked pear. The ravioli was taken apart so that she could eat the middle of it without bothering with the pasta itself. The tomato and boursin tart went down well, she hadn't had any for ages. I wasn't sure how she would receive the celery, her dad absolutely hates it, but it didn't bother her at all. Not that she made much progress with it, mind, not like the tomato where only the skin was discarded.

Tea was more a spectator sport than a family meal, Hannah was the only one eating but there were about half a dozen people in the room. And a spotty dog, which to be honest Hannah was more interested in than the food. For tea she had some more tomato and boursin tart, some sticks of emmental cheese, and some wedges of tomato, with a banana for her afters. Part way through the meal, we remembered that there was a crumpet put aside for her, so toasted it and spread it with butter before handing it over. Once she'd got her hands on the crumpet she ignored everything else on her plate and ate almost all of the crumpet (apart from the bit she dropped on the floor that Sophie the dalmation nicked). She ate virtually all the banana, too, so a really good meal all told.

And by the way, are they crumpets or pikelets? My dad maintains they're pikelets, I know them by both names but usually call them crumpets. What's the difference between them, why do they have two names, are the answers out there?

Oh, and I almost forgot. She ate about half a strawberry cream Quality Street before tea, too. Well, it is Christmas after all...just don't tell anyone!

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