Monday, 17 December 2007

Hannah sniffles

Oh dear, Hannah's got a sniffle. Not sure it's quite a cold yet, but she had me up four times last night, after doing so well with no dream feed too. So she's back on the dream feed for the moment, as it's a good way to get Calpol down her (mix it with the milk).
She's still managed well with her food today despite the sniffle, and had more cheerios than ever for breakfast. Lunch was rice cakes with hummus, a steamed carrot, about 10 grapes cut in half, and a rusk. The hummus all got sucked off the rice cakes (as plates go, they're expensive as you can't reuse them!), the carrot was largely ignored, and the innards were sucked out of the grapes. The rusk was the only item that all got eaten, but I think that's because it mostly dissolves while she gums at it.

For tea I did her a mushroom omelette, three sliced mushrooms, one egg, and a bit of milk. I cooked the mushrooms a bit before adding the egg, and it worked very well. Hannah seemed to really like it, and at least half got eaten - the rest was shredded into very small bits and scattered all over the place. I gave her a pear for afters, but it was less ripe than I thought so she didn't make all that much headway with it. She still seemed to enjoy it though, and there were lots of little teeth marks left on the flesh.

Here's Hannah eating her omelette:

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