Thursday, 20 December 2007

A busy day!

Today has been very busy, with a coffee morning for some other mums from our playgroup, then a visit from family dropping off Christmas presents, but we still managed to get some food down Hannah eventually!

Breakfast (before the first visitors arrived) was cheerios again, she ate loads today. I think she's making up for the past couple of cold-filled days when she hasn't felt much like eating.

Lunch happened during the coffee morning, picnic style on the living room rug. So that it wasn't too messy, I gave her one rice cake with vache qui rit (or laughing cow as it's now known!) cheese on it, and another with lentil pate, plus a clementine. It was the first time she's tried the cheese, and she seemed to really like it - although she smeared quite a lot of it all round her face! And because we didn't use the highchair, I also found a bit of rice cake stuck to her tights with the cheese. Oh well, another item of clothing for the washing heap!

Tea was later than normal, after family had left and Hannah had her afternoon nap, and was a slice of eggy bread and a banana. She didn't seem at all phased by the delay, and tucked in quite happily.

She's also back to sort of sleeping through the night after her cold, which is a relief. She did wake up and want a feed last night just as we were going to bed, but didn't wake after that, which is a first this week I think. So hurrah!

We're off to my parents tomorrow morning, so will be on the move. Hopefully I'll manage to keep posting, but if I miss a day or two you'll know why! Back home on Monday.

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