Monday, 10 December 2007

Stinky Baby

Cheerios for breakfast again today - 5 grams of them to be exact. I weighed them because I was interested in how much Hannah is eating and how many calories she's getting from food, Neil read recently that a baby needs about 700 calories a day, which is more than I thought she'd need.

Lunch was a smelly affair as I gave her a rice cake with boursin on. She wasn't sure at first, but after a couple of tastes really went for it and ate the lot. There was another rice cake, too, this one with sweet potato mash on it, plus some carrot and parsnip fingers and the rest of yesterday's rice pudding. Hannah loved the rice pudding again, I was trying to give her the spoon to feed herself but I obviously wasn't quick enough as she dived for the spoon with her mouth rather than hands. Unfortunately the boursin did make her smell rather garlicky for the afternoon, despite plenty of wiping down. I think she's stashed some behind her ear or somewhere...

For tea there was a mix of broccoli and breadsticks for main, and for pudding a first taste of kiwi fruit with a rusk. She wasn't that interested in the broccoli, although she did break some off and chew it. The kiwi fruit reaction was possibly the most extreme yet - even more of a shudder than with the raspberries a few weeks back. I'd even cooked it gently so it wasn't as tart, ho hum. She focused mainly on the rusk after the first taste, I think we'll try the kiwi again once they've (over)ripened a bit so they taste sweeter for her.

For milk feeds, we've decided that this coming weekend we're going to try dropping the dream feed (10.30pm or thereabouts). For most of the past week we've been getting her up for it, she's not been waking for food at all. And she's not finishing the feed either, normally leaving 1-2oz. We'll see how that goes, and I'll report back.

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