Wednesday, 5 December 2007

She had seconds!

Hannah ate loads today, I can't believe it!

Breakfast was two slices of toast, one with raspberry jam and one with blackcurrant jam. Once again Hannah ate none of the toast but the butter and jam was entirely sucked off. I'm not sure that it's good for anyone to survive on butter and jam but Hannah seems to be doing OK so far.

For lunch she had a couple of rice cakes with lentil pate, plus half an avocado cut into fingers, and some emmental cheese. She did really well with the rice cakes today, and the cheese, but the avocado wasn't as ripe as I thought it was so she didn't eat as much of that. Pudding was a rusk and some mandarin segments. Perhaps unsurprisingly after her first try of them, Hannah ignored the mandarin completely other than throwing one or two bits onto the floor. The rusk, however, was completely eaten, for the first time ever! I felt so proud of her it was ridiculous :o) And I gave her another half a rusk, and that all got eaten too!

I was expecting her breastfeed before tea to be on the short side, but it wasn't noticeably different from normal, which surprised me. Tea itself was a breadstick, some swede mash, and some sweet potato mashed up. She liked all of it but had some difficulties with the mash, I think it wasn't solid enough for her really.

There are no photos today, as we've had workmen in fixing a leaky pipe so it's all been a bit chaotic. The good news is that the pipe is fixed and the water is back on though, hurrah!

I was wondering, by the way, about this whole baby led weaning thing. It seems that people doing BLW are more likely than other people to be using cloth nappies. I don't know how true that is, it's just an impression from talking to other people doing something similar - do let me know if it's true or not, leave a comment below.

For the record, we currently favour Tots Bots Bamboozles and Original cotton, with Motherease Airflow wraps in the day and Tots fleece wraps overnight. I can tell that this weaning lark is working, we've had to move Hannah up into the size 2s in the past few weeks, so her cousin George will be borrowing the size 1 nappies and wraps.


Laura McIntyre said...

A nice healthy eater is what we all want to see.

Well we don't cloth diaper although i really would love to, its lack of funds to but the starting nappies. I think we are definetly going to try next time around though.

Mind you we do alot of other ap type parenting - co sleeping, extended breastfeeding etc..

Cate said...

Our nappies are seond hand, from the nappy lady classifieds, there's also a Yahoo group for second hand ones, and ukparentslounge plus others...doesn't have to be too expensive, I think we've spent about £300 for enough from birth to potty training, lots cheaper than dispos :o) Try keeping an eye out for freecycle groups too, they sometimes crop up on there.

Ganymede said...

We're cloth wearers and starting with baby led weaning - I think there is a definite crossover. Also with breastfeeding and sling wearing - and a bit with cosleeping!

Cate said...

Yes, I hadn't really thought about the sling wearing and co-sleeping links, I guess because we haven't done that, but I think you're probably right. Breastfeeding there definitely seems to be a correlation with, but possibly because Gill's research was with BF babies, so it's been promoted as more suitable for them?