Monday, 7 July 2008

Away for the weekend

We were away for the weekend, met up with some friends which was very nice indeed! Shame the weather couldn't have been more cooperative! So the whole weekend Hannah ate rather snack-based meals, but seemed to enjoy herself anyway.

Breakfasts were a combination - a couple of days it was shreddies, and the rest was shredded wheat bitesize. She's still been eating smaller than normal portions, and I was beginning to think this was the new normal, but this morning she was pretty much back on form, putting away certainly a medium bowl of shreddies, if not quite a large bowlful.

Lunches were pasta with cream cheese and tomato sauce (today), and over the weekend were sandwiches, organix things - gingerbread men, crisps, cereal bars, fruit chewy things - and bits stolen off my plate. She had a couple of bananas, too at some point.

Dinner on Saturday was round at cousin George's house, Hannah ate a veggie bake and a vegetable sausage, plus lots of peas and a half-size corn on the cob. It was the first time she'd tried sweetcorn in its cob form, and to start with she wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but soon settled down to give it a good gnawing. She then had a load of peas off my plate - the peas and sweetcorn were the only things she ate much off, most of the rest got mashed up a bit and thrown on the floor - Sophie the spotty dog was in heaven!

On Sunday, we were stuck in traffic so Hannah's dinner was a mish mash of what I had with us in the car - about four honey flavour rice cakes, a carrot cake cereal bar, a raspberry and apple cereal bar, a gingerbread man, a tiny bit of babybel cheese, a date and banana fruit chew, some cheesy poofs and sweetcorn rings, and nearly a sippy cup full of water. It was easily her biggest meal of the weekend, at least I'm pretty sure it was.

Today, Hannah had a slice of cheese on toast with a few grapes and strawberries. She mauled the toast, squished the grapes and even squished a strawberry or two before eating them. Not like her at all! I think she's been practising posing for the camera though:

Her teeth have been hurting for the past few days (AGAIN, bah) and I think that's mostly why her appetite has been so much smaller than normal. All three of the molars that were part through are now completely through (both sides of them), and if the other molar isn't through yet, then it will be in a day or two I think - when I felt her gums earlier it was either just peeking through or about to be. Oh, and I got bitten for my trouble too.

Also, Hannah has a cold at the mo. No idea where it came from, but she's been spreading it round her baby friends for several days now. So we're dosing her on both ibuprofen (for the teeth) and medised (for the cold) at night, but she seems to be managing fine during the day so long as there's something for her to look at/destroy/play with/pester (mainly the cats, that last one!).

Hopefully she'll be over the teething and the cold in a few days, because we're off on holiday for a couple of weeks on Thursday! Don't fancy taking a poorly baby on a 12 hour ferry crossing...

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