Sunday, 20 July 2008

Using an open cup

We're all still having fun in France. Hannah went for her first ever bike ride today, we bought a child bike seat from Decathlon (loads cheaper than in the UK, too!) and fixed it onto one of the bikes here for a trial. Riding around made her giggle, so I think we can say it's a success.

It's a good job we've got decent locks on the gate to the pool, as well, as Hannah went in the paddling pool earlier (next to the big pool). After a few minutes she climbed out of it, wandered over to the side of the big pool, and stepped straight in. Good job I had a firm grip on her hands by that point...she did the same thing again later with Grandma when they'd gone to inspect the pool cleaner thingy too, she's too confident for her own good sometimes.

She's eaten lots of Golden Grahams, and eggy bread for breakfast, with water to drink. Dad refilled her sippy cup with perrier this morning after she finished her own water, which made her giggle and pull faces - we decided that the bubbles were tickling her tongue.

Lunch today was tomato and avocado bruschetta, a slice of bread and boursin, and some strawberries for pudding. She ate a square of chocolate, some chipsters (salty crisps, bad mummy!) and tried a bit of panach (non alcoholic shandy) today too, she grabbed the bottle of panach off me and tried to drink the lot! Will be keeping her further away from the bottle in future.

For dinner Hannah ate some 3-cheese tart, a couple of roast potatoes, some cauliflower cheese, peas and carrots and a yorkshire pudding. She enjoyed all of it, especially the roasties and cauliflower cheese. I gave her a rusk for pudding, which she tucked into with gusto.

She's also tried drinking out of an open plastic beaker a couple of times in the last two days. She did lots better than I expected with it, too. Well, she emptied the contents (water) onto the high chair tray twice, but drank a decent amount of it too.
Yesterday for lunch we were out so ate at a supermarket cafeteria, where Hannah had a boiled egg, a bread roll, and two slices of melon. She didn't eat much, but she was very tired as she didn't get a morning nap. Dinner was a cheese and vegetable burger, along with more bread. We thought Hannah had eaten all of her burger, but found she was sitting on half of it when she got down from the table. Oh well...

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