Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The sun has got his hat on (but Hannah hasn't)

Right, can anyone recommend ways to keep hats on a toddler's head? I'm thinking gaffer tape, string, superglue, the staple gun...suggestions? Hannah is so not fond of wearing hats, she's even tried to remove George's hat from him when she noticed him wearing it. Ever helpful, I suppose. Here's a rare picture of the hat in position:

She's eaten Golden Grahams for breakfast, and in fact has finished the box, so we're onto something new tomorrow. She's also had a slice of bread most mornings to go with them, and has a full on strop if you take the soggy crust away from her before she's finished with it. The girl is addicted!

Lunches have been bread and cheese mostly, today she had mini baked potatoes and rice squares (cooked rice mixed with pesto, egg and flour, then fried in the wok) as well, and some strawberries and an apricot sorbet for pudding. Yesterday she also had some tomato wedges to go with the bread and cheese.

For dinner, yesterday she ate quorn coq au vin with mini baked potatoes (and bread, of course). She ate loads of it, and I wasn't sure whether she'd like it to start with, but she proved me wrong again. Today's dinner was shepherd's pie, plus a slice of bread and a banana fromage frais and, as you can see, half a pain au chocolat:

Hannah didn't have her afternoon nap today (she went for a swim instead), so we gave her a couple of gingerbread men to snack on. She seems to get hungrier on days when her sleep is disrupted, I suppose she needs to get energy from somewhere. She's still keen on diving right into the pool given half a chance, but played nicely in her paddling pool for quite some time this afternoon. Then got out and played in the inflatable tyre that was on the side, mainly sitting in the middle of it and grinning at all and sundry.

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