Thursday, 3 July 2008

Nice nectarine (and videos not photos today)

Hannah ate shreddies for breakfast again, and for lunch she had some quorn nuggets, a slice of bread and a tomato cut into wedges. She was offered four nuggets, and ate about three of them, pre-dunked in a tiny bit of ketchup. She liked and ate a decent amount of everything she was served this time - feels like the first time in days that's happened!

She didn't have any snacks today, but did have a fair amount of water again.

For dinner I gave her two slices of cream cheese on toast, a whole nectarine, and an organix fruit bar - date and apple flavoured I think. The fruit bars are pretty chewy, but Hannah gnawed away at it for a while and seemed to get on with it very well. The nectarine started out well, but ended up being a slipperly customer once she'd covered it in cream cheese:

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