Sunday, 13 July 2008

Walking, swimming, eating, and other things

I can't remember if I mentioned this already, but Hannah got her 14th tooth through a week or so ago - finally! I'd go back and check to avoid repeating myself but...nah...I'm on holiday! So now that's through and she's getting over her cough and runny nose that came with it, things are getting back to normal and she's much better at going to bed at night.

Hannah has settled in nicely to eating different foods while we're in France. She hasn't blinked an eye at being offered UHT milk (known in our house as monkey milk, ever since my sister asked why it tasted different when she was little, and was told because it comes from monkeys and not from cows...). If anything, Hannah is drinking more of this milk than the normal supermarket full fat milk that we get at home - upwards of 9oz a night so far.

Breakfast yesterday was fruity wheats, I think it was pomegranate and rasberry flavour this time, that Jo brought with her for George. She also had some pain with a bit of butter on it, and a banana that mostly got mashed into the floor. This was followed by a lunch of spaghetti bolognase, which she liked but didn't eat much of, and more bread. It takes her ages to chew her way through the crust of a bit of pain, but she does persevere and gets there in the end.

Dinner yesterday was curry and rice, which Hannah quite enjoyed and ate a decent amount of. Her favourite bit was the poppadom, followed by the onion bhaji. The consequences of this meal today mean that it won't be getting served again for quite some time...I'll leave the details of that to your imagination, suffice to say they weren't that pleasant! She also ate a couple of humzingers - dried fruit formed into chewy bars for the uninitiated. These got inhaled, within seconds.

Today Hannah had honey flavoured cheerios for breakfast, along with a banana that once again mostly got turned into mash and swept onto the floor. Lunch was a special Sunday fried breakfast (yes, at lunchtime, quiet at the back there!) and included a fried slice, which Hannah loved and spent ages eating, a quorn sausage and two bits of quorn bacon, a fried egg and a tinned tomato. She didn't eat the fried egg, although she did poke at the yolk a bit before chucking it in the floor. Pretty much all of the rest of it got scoffed in short order though.

Dinner this evening was gnocchi with ratatouille (hmm, don't know if that's spelled correctly! Never mind). Hannah also had a couple of slices of bread again, which we dunked into the tomato juice from the ratattoille for her. Pudding was strawberries, but bizarrely she didn't want to eat all of them and George ended up scoffing her leftovers, Hannah had a rusk instead, which did get eaten.

She's getting keener on carbs, I think it has to do with the miles that she does tracking about the house in between naps - she's never still unless she's asleep, it seems, or in need of a cuddle due to falling down the stairs (only off the bottom step, fortunately) or on the patio (tripped on a paving slab) or over a foot (not looking where she's going...again).

We took Hannah swimming in Grandma and Grandad's shiny new swimming pool yesterday, but it was a bit parky so we only stayed in for about 10 minutes before she started shivering so we had to take her out. It did mean that her swim seat (from toys r us, suitable for up to 1 year or 24 lbs - good job Hannah is a tiddler!) got its first ever use after having bought it more than a year ago.

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