Thursday, 31 July 2008

How much can I remember?

Gosh, a whole week since the last update. Many apologies for general slackness! We're back from our holidays now (boooo), but you can't tell from the temperature which is roasty toasty :o)

Anyway, Hannah been eating shreddies again for breakfast this week, she was quite a fan of their return. She's also eaten croissants a couple of times, but they'll be few and far between now we're back home.

Otherwise, there's been a fair amount of fruit (melon, nectarines, greengages, raspberries), babybel and some organix gingerbread men for snacks, pasta and pesto, omelette with potato and pesto in, potato wedges, burger with roasties and veg, cheese on toast, cauliflower cheese, falafel in pitta pockets with salad and I'm sure a bunch of other stuff for lunches and dinners since we got back. For puddings she's eaten raspberry flavour angel delight, fresh raspberries, pom'potes that we brought back from France, and some ice cream yesterday when it was baking hot. I tried giving her an organix fruity rice pudding, but she didn't want it and it ended up all over the floor. Messy!

During the hot weather Hannah's drinking lots more fluids than she was previously. She's up to about 3 sippy cups full of water at the moment - about half of it goes during the meal, and she drinks the rest of it in the living room after her meal and before her nap/bedtime. She's also back on normal fresh milk rather than monkey milk and I think it's having a good effect on her nappies - there have been far too many stinky ones for comfort in the past two weeks, but hopefully things are settling back down to normal...famous last words!

Hannah seems to be turning into a stroppy teenager, by the way - she's taken to shouting for things, and when she doesn't get what she wants (or it's removed from her grip when we find her with it) she screams and cries. I'm hardening my heart and ignoring her though, nobody tells you how hard that is when you sign up for this parenthood thing!

I've lost the charger for the camera, so we're a bit short of photos at the moment - I'll have a proper look for it asap!

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