Friday, 18 July 2008

Given up on the time difference

It's taken a few days but we've finally given up on the time difference thing and are letting Hannah stay up later till between 8-8.30 French time, which is her normal bed time in the UK. Trying to get her up early and off for naps and bed at the "proper" times was hard work! She seems much happier now we've just adjusted all the times forward by an hour.

She's also still enjoying swimming most days, although has a worrying tendancy towards just diving at any person nearby that she wants to - good job we're all family! :o) Her favourite toy of the moment is a beach ball, which is nearly the same size as she is, but this doesn't stop her carrying it around for hours on end.

So on to the food. I've not done an update for the past few days, so this is testing my memory! She's eaten lots and lots of pain, with assorted toppings. She's had Golden Grahams for breakfast every day (which are honey flavoured shreddies, it appears, and the least chocolate or sugar laden cereal available in the local supermarket) along with bits of croissant and/or eggy bread, and also a nectarine or two.

Hannah has been really active while we've been away, and this is showing through as she's wanting more snacks during the day - most mornings, and I think every afternoon so far as well. And drinking lots out of her sippy cup. I gave her a tiny bit of peach and apricot flavoured sirop stuff in her water yesterday, however judging by today's nappies this may have been a mistake - she's not getting any more, anyway!

She's eaten pasta with pesto, creme fraiche and grated cheese for dinner on Wednesday, today she had leek tart along with bread and two fromage frais for lunch. Dinner today was some bread and cheese with a fruity rice pudding (organix) for pudding. Yesterday she had veggie meatballs for dinner, in a tomato sauce, followed by two slices of charentais melon. She made quite a mess with the tomato sauce, too!

Snacks have included biscotte (the hard biscuity French things that look like slices of bread), sweetcorn rings, biscotti (the Heinz baby ones), an apricot canoƩ soft biscuit thingy, some humzingers, a few chips that Grandad snuck off his plate for her during dinner last night, and probably a bunch of other things I don't know about!

Hannah's also getting a bit of a tan, despite the gallons of suncream that are ladled on to her daily. The good news is that she's much more tolerant of her sun hat, and has almost stopped trying to remove it - this morning I caught her trying to put it on, even, wonders will never cease :o)

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