Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tooth #15 has arrived

Hannah likes pain (pain as in bread, not pain as in hurts, she definitely doesn't like that...). She seems to have eaten loaves of the stuff since we arrived, and there's no sign of it stopping! Just as well really, she's not eating all that much of anything else, and last night perhaps the reason why appeared - her fifteenth tooth! It's the canine tooth on the bottom right, at least I assume that's what they're called.

Anyway, Hannah has eaten cheerios for breakfast over the past two days, along with a bit of eggy bread and this morning she also had part of Neil's croissant (I wasn't sharing my pain au chocolat!). Lunch yesterday was margherita pizza along with bread - she chewed the crusts of the bread for ages, ate the topping off the pizza but ignored most of the base. She also had a fruity custard thingy and a humzinger, which disappeared super quickly.

Today, for lunch Hannah ate three bits of bread, half a tomato, a nectarine, threw some veggie burger and bits of cheese on the floor, and then had a sorbet (a homemade red berries flavour). The sorbet was made in an ice cube tray, and had a teaspoon stuck into it to give her something to grab hold of. She wasn't sure about it to start with, and pulled some funny faces, but decided it was nice enough to persevere. The whole lot got eaten in fairly short order, although when she bit off large chunks it did make her judder down to her toes.

After lunch Hannah went swimming:

For dinner last night we had quorn and mushroom pie, Hannah had sweetcorn and mash to go with hers, and concentrated mostly on the mash. For pudding she ate 2 humzingers and devoured them as quickly as normal.

Neil and I were out when Hannah had her dinner this evening, she tried another bit of quorn and mushroom pie but again didn't eat much of it - a bit of the pastry and nothing much of the filling. She pulled a funny face before scoffing two laughing cow triangles along with another couple of pieces of bread - apparently given because Grandma thought she hadn't eaten enough (according to Auntie Jo anyway), and gagged on an organix biscuit. The first time she's gagged on anything for simply ages, and it's when someone else is in charge! Good job Auntie Jo is another BLW mummy and knew not to panic (too much...) :o)

She's been filling up on eating bath toys in between meals, too:

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