Tuesday, 1 July 2008

No appetite?

Hannah really hasn't eaten much again today (at least by her normal standards). She had shreddies for breakfast and only ate about half as many as normal. I don't know whether it's because of the heat or what.

Lunch was pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese, the first dozen or so got hoovered up and most of the rest of them ended up on the floor. Pudding, which was fruit salad mixed with fromage frais, didn't even get tasted. It did get put back in the fridge for dinner though.

This afternoon Hannah mostly stayed awake. She did go for a nap (briefly) but sang and chattered to herself for an hour and eventually got bored and yelled so she got up again.

Dinner was a cream cheese sandwich and a few carrot wotsits, all the carrot things were eaten and over half of the sandwich. The fruit salad was ignored yet again, although she did suck the fromage frais off about half a dozen pieces of the fruit.

Hannah's had gallons of water to drink today, again I assume because of the heat, and generally has been quite grumpy and unsettled. She did flake out after her milk before I took her up to bed though:

She didn't even really wake up during the nappy change and while I inserted her into her sleeping bag - good job I bought a couple of new 1-tog ones a couple of weeks ago, they're getting lots of use at the moment!

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