Monday, 30 June 2008

Painting at playgroup

Hannah did a painting at playgroup today - how brave of me! She didn't even paint herself - although that was mainly because she was wearing a bloke's shirt to protect her clothes, it was so big even her feet were wrapped in it. And she used a ride-on toy as a walker, pushing it backwards, which would have been fine if not for the small boy sat on it at the time... He was very confused by the whole thing, poor lad.

She had shreddies for breakfast, and lunch was a mishmash of things on the way back from playgroup. She ate a cereal bar, a pink wafer biscuit (that was at playgroup actually), some rice cakes, some cheesy poofs, and after her nap she also ate a slice of bread and butter. And drank loads of water, I guess because of the heat.

For dinner I gave her some potato wedges and cubes of cheddar and red leicester cheese, followed by a jelly and a fromage frais. She only ate about half of the fromage frais before starting to throw it around the room, and as I mentioned before this means the food gets taken away and Hannah leaves the table. Not that she seems to care one way or the other, to be honest.

On the whole she hasn't seemed to eat all that much today - I was expecting her to eat a lot at dinner, but she really didn't. Probably because she fell head first off the sofa this afternoon and has a lump the size of a (smallish!) egg on her forehead. The other thing I found out today is that Hannah's not a fan of icepacks! Still, hopefully the bruise won't last too long...

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