Monday, 2 June 2008

Damn teeth

Grr well I'm tired of teething, I expect Hannah is too. I can't remember the last time she had a full, uninterrupted nights sleep (or me either :o( ). Fortunately it doesn't seem to have affected her eating and she's been putting away as much as normal.

Yesterday she started with the last shredded wheat bitesize, and then we all went to Kidspace in Croydon where she ran riot for nearly 2 hours. She went straight to bed when we got home, so lunch was somewhat delayed, and nobody can remember what we ate! Sorry :o) But here's some pics of Kidspace to make up for it:

For dinner Hannah had two crumpets with butter plus a slice of melon and some strawberries. And part of a fromage frais - maybe half of it.

Today, breakfast was a bowl of cheerios, followed by three (!) slices of melon and half a fromage frais. I couldn't believe how much melon she kept eating - for the first time she ate absolutely all the flesh off the rind, all that was left was the thinnest bit of green rind you can imagine!

We went to playgroup this morning, so lunch was taken at a local cafe with a friend afterwards. Hannah ate part of my mozzerella basil and tomato panini, a load of organix sweetcorn rings, some raisins, a gingerbread man, a chocolate biscotti, and she also stole some of Millie's sausage and scotch egg too (so much for bringing up a vegetarian baby...). Mille nicked Hannah's raisins and sweetcorn rings in return, so no harm done!

Dinner today was baked tomatoes with pesto and emmental, followed by the rest of this morning's fromage frais and a bunch of strawberries. All very popular, she ate all four of the tomatoes that I cooked for her, I was expecting there to be leftovers but no such luck.

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