Monday, 16 June 2008

Teeth, teeth and more teeth

Hannah is still teething (or teething again, take your pick) and consequently has been rather grumpy and picking at her food for the past few days rather than attacking it with her normal enthusiasm. She also got a few spots in the 7-10 days post-MMR period, as we were warned, which I don't think has helped! She has 11 teeth that have cut through the gum now, and at least 2 more that are nearly through - or maybe that's just wishful thinking? There are bumps there at any rate.

She's still managing a decent breakfast, mainly shredded wheat bitesize although she had cranberry wheats this morning. She's had a few snacks, things like chocolate biscotti, gingerbread men, raisins and grapes in the past few days.

Actual meals, in no particular order, have included eggy bread, a veggie burger with ciabatta bread roll, pasta, some Quorn picnic eggs (veggie scotch eggs really), a sausage, fromage frais, strawberries by the gazillion, a couple of bananas, a nectarine, potato wedges, boursin, and I'm sure there are things I've missed out as well. It doesn't look too bad written out like that, actually, maybe she's been eating more than I've given her credit for!

Fingers crossed that this tooth or teeth will actually put in an appearance sharpish and that we'll get a break before the next onslaught hits.

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