Saturday, 7 June 2008

Dinner a deux

Couple of days to update you on - there was no blog yesterday as it was the dreaded MMR jab day, so Hannah was rather unsettled in the evening and took hours to fall asleep. We gave her calpol, and she felt rather hot which I am putting down to her two war wounds. Fortunately she was placated easily enough with milky bar buttons off the nurse after the second injection.

Yesterday Hannah ate cheerios and pear (a whole one) for breakfast, and had cauliflower cheese for lunch before William and Sam came round to play with their mums. She also had half a pack of organix carrot sticks and a fair bit of water too. During the play date (well, it was with two boys...) she also ate one or two Nice biscuits, and would like to apologise to William for stealing his crisps out of Diane's changing bag. She found the packet, and stood there helping herself for a while before we clocked her and stopped it. Still, she shared biscuits and things with William and Sam in return so I suppose it's fair enough. She and William were confused over sippy cups as well - they each had their own, but used them interchangably throughout the afternoon. It was especially funny when they were passing it back and forth between each other.

Dinner after a short nap was a couple of slices of cream cheese on toast. Short and sweet, I guess she was still full of snacks from the afternoon goings on.

Today started with cheerios again, this time served with a banana that she didn't eat much of. Lunch was at the grandparents, and was ciabatta bread with tomato, pesto and mozzerella. Oh, and she ate a gingerbread man in the car on the way, as she woke up early from her nap (perhaps not surprisingly really).

She ate some cheesy poofs in the afternoon after her nap, as dinner was going to be later than normal to fit in with Aunty Jo, Uncle Matt and George coming round to join us. Hannah and George sat together and caused havoc:

Hannah didn't eat much, at least to start with, but was offered roasted vegetables, a bit of quorn lamb and mint cutlet (I thought it was nice!), and some couscous, which she did eat a fair bit of. Obviously she likes the challenge and sticks her nose up at stuff that's easy to handle :o) She also had pudding, which was part of a fat free sponge cake served with cherry pie filling. It was lovely!

There was rhubarb crumble too, but Hannah didn't get any of that - there's always tomorrow...unless I get there first ;o)

I took Hannah to the baby clinic for a weigh in after her injections yesterday, and I'm pleased to report that she's finally passed the 20lbs mark - 20lbs 3oz, or 9.02kg I think it was. So she's officially heavy enough to graduate into her stage 1 car seat, which was used earlier today for the first time as we travelled up to my parents for the week while Neil's off in the US (again) with work. Hannah liked facing forwards, and seemed to find it easier to sleep in the new seat, goodness knows why!

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