Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Woof woof!

Well today's big news is that Hannah has canines! A tad early, since according to this chart she's not meant to get them for another 5 months. Harrumph. Still, she's gone to bed without calpol for the first time in a week tonight, and so far so good...

Breakfast today was cranberry wheats, and Hannah ate lots of them although not quite all of the bowlful. It was a spectacularly full bowl though, so I'm not too surprised. Lunch was pasta spirals with a bit of pesto and some grated cheese stirred through, and I've not seen Hannah eat so much at lunch for ages.

For dinner I made some scrambled egg on toast, the egg promptly got thrown on the floor and the toast got a vague munching. Some egg did eventually go down, but only after I'd chased it around the room a time or two (I hear germs are good for their immune systems... ;o) ). She followed that with a bowlful of strawberries, and made short work of the whole lot.
Ooh look, a strawberry!:

Hmm, this strawberry is a strange green colour:

I think they've all gone, mum:

Yep, there's none in here:

Hannah has started bouncing again while in her high chair, which is funny to watch, especially when her legs are going back and forth frantically trying to get some momentum up. It doesn't seem to have occurred to her that the table means she can't actually get the high chair any closer!

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