Sunday, 29 June 2008

Her feet were made for walking...

Hannah has spent most of this weekend walking. Not necessarily going anywhere, but definitely walking. We took her to the park yesterday, and apart from trying to go for a swim at one point while we were feeding the ducks, she played on the swings and in the sandpit. First time she'd tried the sandpit and she really liked it, but took quite a lot of cleaning up after she got out!

The new reins I got for her (from Boots for less than £7, fact fans) were fab, she walked about half way along the high street in them but then decided her legs were too tired to work anymore, and just sat down on the pavement - in front of the offy :o) and refused to move. Good job we'd taken the pushchair with us as well!

Anyway, onto the edibles: breakfast was shreddies both yesterday and today, while lunch was a BLT (only without any L as Hannah just tears it up and chucks it on the floor) followed by some sweetcorn rings and pasta in creme fraiche and pesto. She seemed to eat loads, but I'm sure that long walk burned it all off...

Today's lunch was a platter featuring sweetcorn rings, cubes of cheddar cheese, a tomato cut into segments, a rice cake spread with cream cheese, some dried apricots, and a fromage frais. She didn't actually eat the rice cake, but did piggle the cream cheese off its surface and eat that (or smear it around her face). She only had about half of the fromage frais, as she took to smacking the spoon down on her tray so it flicked off - we took that as a sign that she was finished, so didn't give her any more.

In fact generally, now she's definitely started dropping and throwing food deliberately, we've stopped giving it back to her. If she throws her sippy cup then it gets put back on the table, out of reach, for a few minutes - or until she leans forward and tries to get it, when we give it back. If she shakes or throws it again, it gets removed again. This all sounds good, and I think the food thing is having a bit of an effect, but it seems to make no different whatsoever most of the time, sadly. Any other ideas for instilling some kind of table manners gratefully received!

Yesterday's dinner was Hannah's first ever taste of runny egg. She had a fried egg with a slice of bread cut into soldiers, and liked both the soldiers and the egg. She wasn't convinced about mixing the two together though, preferring to eat the runny yolk with her fingers, and follow it up with a soldier or two. She had a banana for her pudding, and ate the majority of that as well - all that exercise clearly worked up an appetite!

Dinner this evening was roast potatoes, a quorn fillet cooked in garlic oil, and some peas and sweetcorn. The peas and sweetcorn seemed to be the most hilarious food in the world, as every time she put some in her mouth it made her laugh. We have no idea why! She had a pot of jelly for afters, and liked that too.

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