Thursday, 5 June 2008

A new tooth at last :o)

Yay, we finally have evidence of tooth number 11. Not that 9 and 10 are through properly yet, Hannah's a girl, she's bound to be good at multi-tasking ;o) It's the bottom left premolar I think and is only just coming through the gum so there's a way to go yet.

Breakfast today was a bowl of cheerios and a banana. Hannah ate most of both of them, not too bad at all. For lunch we had quiche and salad, and Hannah had a fromage frais for pudding. She didn't eat much (or any) of the salad bits, which was only a tomato and some cucumber slices on the basis that she likes to rip up lettuce and throw it around.

There was a cream cheese sandwich, some carrot crisps, a pear, two slices of melon and a cereal bar for tea, but Hannah hardly ate any of it. She managed some of the cream cheese from the middle of the sandwich, nibbled one bit of the pear, ate about one slice of melon and half or two thirds of the cereal bar. And all of the carrot crisps, of course.

I think Hannah didn't feel very well though, judging by the three revolting nappies and clearing up of sick that took place in between eating dinner and going to bed. She went to bed an hour later than normal, just to check whether she was going to carry on being sick and so on, but I'm hoping that it's cleared her system already. This may be famous last words, I'll have to let you know.

In other news, Hannah's having her first MMR tomorrow morning, so we'll have to see how she copes with that and how it affects her. I'm hoping she'll take it in her stride like she did her 12 month injections...

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