Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Lunch overboard!

Breakfast today was a mixture of shreddies and cheerios - I meant to give her shreddies, only apparently we only had about half a dozen left in the box. It was interesting watching Hannah eat though, she deliberately went for the shreddies over the cheerios and was campaigning for more shreddies when she'd got them all despite there being cheerios left on her tray.

Lunch was a mixture of roast veggies - potato wedges, sweet potato wedges, and butternut squash. Hannah ignored the butternut squash completely, poked the sweet potato for a while then tried a bit of it before throwing it on the floor, and actually ate the potato wedges. She had a nectarine and a banana muffin for pudding, and ate all of the muffin but only about half of the fruit - I wonder whether she found it a bit hard going with all these troublesome teeth on their way through?

For dinner she had an omelette with peas, sweetcorn and grated cheese in. Some of it got eaten, but a fair amount ended up on the floor (again). There were a few strawberries for pudding, and an organix carrot cake cereal bar. She liked the cereal bar, although it didn't taste much like carrot cake when I tried it - shame really! You can see it here clutched in her hand:

And here she is flinging omelette on the floor:

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