Friday, 27 June 2008

Big Cook Little Cook

Little Cook did her first ever cooking today, helping to make some rock cakes. She celebrated by having one of them at lunch time, very nice they were too. It wasn't even as messy as I'd feared, which was nice! She quite enjoyed getting her hands mucky, and only ate a bit of the raw mixture...

Breakfast today was shreddies again, while as well as rock cake Hannah had two slices of quiche and some salad bits for lunch. Mid morning she had a few raisins and dried apricots, too.

Mid afternoon she tried to steal more raisins off Sam who'd come round to play, but I distracted her with a gingerbread biscotti, otherwise I thought the nappy consequences might be unpleasant. Then for dinner there was beans on toast. And beans on Hannah too, it turned out. She managed to spread them all over her face:

And when I got her out of the high chair I also had to wash her legs down (good job I'd taken her trousers off before the meal even started!) and Neil when he got home gave her face another wash - apparently I'd only managed to get the top, thickest layer of bean juice off.

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