Monday, 23 June 2008

Cheerios back on the menu

For some reason Hannah really went for the cheerios at breakfast this morning. They were mixed with the last few blueberry wheats (good job Tescos is delivering tomorrow!) but she seemed to prefer them over the wheats, which is strange because she's not really gone for them for the last little while - I think they were too frustrating, she couldn't pick up enough in one go to get a decent mouthful.

Lunch was pasta mixed with tomato and grated cheese. Hannah surprised me with how quickly she was putting away the pasta, at least until she got bored/full/fed up/or something and started chucking it all around. She's started removing her own bib by the way, when she's had enough to eat. She can wriggle her arms out of the sleeves then just pulls at it until the velcro gives way and she's free. Which is fine apart from when it happens part way through a meal, as it did today... Pudding was some tinned rice pudding, we shared a tin of it and it was very nice! Mine was mixed with strawberry jam, and I let Hannah have a tiny bit of that, too, but she seemed to prefer the plain flavour and ate loads of it. She was a bit put out that we were sharing a single bowl of it, to be honest - I think she's have happily eaten the entire bowl herself but she never got the chance!

For dinner she had two slices of toast, one spread with peanut butter and one with peanut butter and jam. Not much of the toast got eaten, but she picked all the topping off it and ate that, at least. It was followed by a very ripe nectarine, which Hannah liked squishing her fingers into rather than actually eating. Then she threw it on the floor, so that was the end of dinner.

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