Monday, 9 June 2008

More strawberry shortstuff

Hannah's had shredded wheat bitesize for breakfast for the past two days, and some strawberries the size of planets to follow. In fact she's had rather a lot of strawberries in the past two days, which she's consistently refused to share with me ;o)

Lunch yesterday was some pretend pizzas, which were crumpets spread with tomato puree and grated cheese then grilled till the cheese was melted. A new addition to Hannah's diet, although she's eaten all the component parts before. She liked them, and especially liked the way she could pick the cheese off the top of them. She had a fromage frais and some strawberries for pudding.

Today Hannah didn't seem that hungry at lunchtime. She was given a courgette cake and some salad bits, a slice of cheese and more strawberries. The courgette cake was grated courgette mixed with an egg and some mashed potato and griddled till they were cooked. Hannah flung them mostly on the floor. She did eat a slice of cheese, tried a bit of beetroot for the first time (not the vinegary kind), some radish and cucumber, and found room for the strawberries:

For dinner yesterday Hannah had a cheese and eggy bread sandwich - let me explain: make a cheese sandwich as normal. Make the eggy bread mix as normal, dunk each side of the cheese sandwich in it and shallow fry until it's golden brown and the cheese is a bit melty. Cut into fingers or squares according to preference. It tastes fantastic, and Hannah liked it too!

Today's dinner was spag bol, which got munched in short order, followed by a fromage frais and two chocolate biscotti. All of it got eaten, although she was least keen on the fromage frais, and ended up with it running down the side of her face from her hair by the end. Good job there was a bath waiting upstairs...

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