Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Whatamess in Carshalton

Hurrah! We seem (fingers crossed and all that) to be back to normal on the teething/sleeping front. In fact Hannah has remembered what sleep is, and today spent 5 (!) hours napping, yay! She did sing to herself for about an hour after Neil put her to bed, but we left her to it and now all is quiet...shhhh :o)

Anyway, foodstuffs. Breakfast today was cheerios, followed by a slice of melon and a whole banana. She lost interest in the melon towards the end of the slice, but there was so little left on the rind I'd still class it as eaten.

Lunch today was more roast veggies - potato, sweet potato and butternut squash again. Hannah still paid no real attention to the squash, but did eat some sweet potato today, and most of the standard potato she was given. For pudding we all had fresh cherries. I think it's the first time Hannah's eaten them, she went at them as if they were strawberries, which is to say rather enthusiastically! I stoned them before giving them to her of course, which was a bit of a faff so I'm not sure they'll be making a regular appearance on the menu - they're expensive too, which is a shame cos we love them.

I made the mistake of giving Hannah spaghetti hoops on toast for her dinner, she first picked most of the hoops off the toast in giant fistfuls, then sucked at the toast before eating most of that, too. The girl was definitely hungry...for pudding she had a banana muffin. It's a good job she's so little still, as half of pudding came before the main course today, which was too hot for her to eat straight off. She did have some of the muffin after the hoops though, so I figure it still counts.

She got so messy with the spaghetti hoops that she ended up having an emergency bath - straight from the high chair to the bath! Good job I thought to remove her trousers before starting the meal though, they'd have been covered:

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