Thursday, 12 June 2008

Lots of new foods to try...

Hannah seems to have eaten lots of new things in the past few days, although not at breakfast time which has been shredded wheat bitesize without fail. Although this morning it was accompanied by half a crumpet with butter on, which was mangled and mostly eaten with relish.

She's tried polenta in a tomato sauce with mozzerella cheese with a breadcrumb and cheddar cheese topping (quite nice), she's had some blue cheese - St Agur - of which she ate the first piece, then wrinkled her nose and pulled a face at the second pass. She had peas with her shepherd's pie last night which were mixed with a bit of chopped mint (she didn't seem to notice the mint), and she ate a carr's water biscuit with butter on too.

She's also eaten some bog standard stuff, like cheese on toast, shepherd's pie (twice), fromage frais, chocolate biscotti, strawberries by the bucket load, a couple of bananas, and cheese slices.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken in the past couple of days:

It's been quite warm so Hannah was only wearing her pants!

She didn't like the parsley tree that came with the shepherd's pie:

And she's been playing out in the garden a lot (although for some reason prefers patio underfoot than grass, which seems to tickle her feet cos she keeps trying to stand on one foot or no feet!):

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