Thursday, 26 June 2008

Remembered to take pics today!

Breakfast today was shreddies and again Hannah dived straight in. I think her appetite is getting smaller now though - which I'm told it should do once she turned one, as she isn't growing quite so fast any more. Don't think anyone told Hannah that, mind... So she ate about 3/4 of a bowl of shreddies and threw the rest on the floor.

Hannah had a snack mid-morning, as we were out and about so I was expecting a late nap and knockon late lunch, but as it turned out lunch was only about 45 minutes later than normal. The cheesy poofs and rice cake were gratefully received anyway.

For lunch I made some pasta (well, OK, I cooked some pasta) with creme fraiche and pesto with cherry tomatoes mixed through. It seemed to go down quite well, so that was good, and she also ate half a pack of cheesy poofs and some raisins and dried apricots for pudding too. Oh, and a fruit jelly (or Organix fruit wobbler). Raspberry flavour.

Midafternoon Hannah and her friend William both had a gingerbread biscotti, and shared sippy cups. Hannah had great fun throwing both sippy cups over the stairgate at the living room door, she seemed to be aiming for the cats water bowl. And got far too close for comfort, we might have to relocate the cat bowl *again*.

Dinner was a peanut butter and jam sandwich with a few organix tomato wheels, and a fresh tomato to go with them. She had about 2/3 of a fromage frais for pudding, which surprised me as she normally goes mad for them. Definitely not so much appetite as normal.

Here's Hannah demonstrating that she can fit an entire tomato slice thingy in - sideways! I think she's just showing of...:

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