Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A chaotic day...

Today was a bit mad, as Hannah and I were out of the house for most of it, so eating on the run. Breakfast was en famille since it's Neil's working from home day, Hannah made a start on the new box of shreddies that Mr Tesco delivered yesterday.

Lunch was started in a waiting room, and finished on the bus. In the waiting room Hannah ate two gingerbread biscotti (new discovery, very popular), a breadstick, and nicked a bit of bread and butter out of another little girl's lunchbox. We gave her a breadstick and dried apricot in return - and don't worry, we don't have a complete hoodlum who accosts strangers on our hands, I'd met the girl's mum before at an antenatal clinic and we were having a natter!

On the bus, Hannah then ate half a dozen dried apricots, a bit more breadstick, and a cream cheese sandwich. Since I didn't fancy hosing the pushchair down when we got home, I broke the sandwich into tiny pieces and gave them to Hannah one at a time, which worked very well - she even ate all of the bread, wonders will never cease!

After her very delayed nap (only one nap today, too) Hannah drank loads of water, and kept nicking the strawberries I was eating - I'd bite half the strawberry off, and before I got a chance to finish it Hannah leant forward with her mouth open and scoffed the lot! Cheeky effort. Two things it taught me: 1, don't eat anything while I'm carrying Hannah around and 2, she's grown again - no way she could have stretched that far a couple of weeks ago!

Dinner today was two slices of cheese on toast, and Hannah carefully peeled the cheese away from the toast before bothering to eat any of it. I'm considering giving her a small pile of melted cheese and two seperate slices of toast next time, it'll save me a job ;o) She accompanied this with some halved cherry tomatoes, and followed it up with a small portion of homemade rhubarb crumble. I think it was the first time we've given her rhubarb, she wasn't entirely sure what to make of it and it did make her judder a couple of times.

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