Saturday, 3 November 2007

Best laid plans...

Today was the day we were starting Hannah on two meals a day instead of just one. Note the use of "was" in that last sentence. A combination of teething (again, still nothing to report though) and silly parents going to Ikea at nap time mean that she only had the one meal today, breakfast.

It was nice though - Hannah had two slices of wholemeal toast, cut into fingers, while Neil and I had our cereal and coffee. The toast worked better cut into four fingers rather than three, as those were a bit big for Hannah to manage.

On the toast was a selection of spreads. A couple of bits just had unsalted butter on, some had seedless raspberry jam, and the rest had a tiny scraping of marmite. I only used a really small bit of marmite because of the salt content.

Hannah's reaction to toast was quite funny. She liked the bits with butter on, but she liked the different toppings too - mostly with each piece she sucked the topping off before attacking the toast itself. Her first taste of marmite made her raise her eyebrows, but there wasn't really any other reaction. Later on, she pulled a funny face at another bit of marmite. I think it's a bit early to decide whether she loves it or hates it, at this stage the raspberry jam was definitely more popular!

Hopefully tomorrow we'll actually get both meals served - and she'll be exactly 6 months old, too, so we'll officially be allowed to wean her :o)

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Laura McIntyre said...

She looks so cute with the toast, no rush with the two meals though. My eldest was about 9 months before she moved onto 2 but my youngest was on 3 meals plus snacks about 2 weeks after starting soilds