Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Omelette and using a cup

Breakfast broke with tradition today, Hannah had Raisin Wheats (like mini shredded wheat with raisins on the inside) and seemed to quite like them. I only used a little bit of milk with them, so they didn't disintegrate too badly, and she managed better than I'd feared at getting them to her mouth. A couple of times she managed to suck the end off one to get the raisin out of the middle, and this made her splutter a bit as the strands of wheat detached and went to the back of her mouth. She followed the raisin wheats with half a banana (I ate the other half!) and even managed to use her cup by herself for the first time - I caught it on camera:

For lunch she had more new things - this time a one egg cheese omelette. She pulled a very strange face at her first taste, but did go back and try it again after a bit of thought. Then she decided she liked it, and ate quite a bit of it, so all in all it was a success.

As well as the omelette she had some sweet potato, carrot and parsnip sticks that were left over from yesterday, and a strawberry flavoured fromage frais for her afters. Again she drank a bit out of her cup, so she's definitely starting to get the hang of that - it's only taken about three weeks!

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