Sunday, 18 November 2007

Toast with added toast

Today's meals pretty much all consisted of toast, but the good news is that we went to the supermarket too, so tomorrow should have a bit more variety.

Breakfast was a slice of toast cut into four pieces. Two were spread with marmite, the other two had blackcurrant jam on. I hadn't given her blackcurrant jam, I thought she wouldn't like it because it's quite tart, but Neil was in charge at breakfast and she devoured it! Once the jam had been seen off, the marmite got a look in too, and actually most of the slice was eaten.

Lunch was more toast, this time with emmental cheese on, along with an avocado cut into chunks. Cheese on toast worked fairly well, at least until the toast and the cheese parted company. Hannah certainlyseemed to like it, at any rate. The avocado was rather ripe and disintegrated a bit while she was trying to get it into her mouth, but on the whole she managed fairly well.

I think we'll move up to three meals a day some time this week, so any suggestions on what Hannah might like for her meals would be very welcome!


Laura McIntyre said...

She sure loves her toast, not sure what to suggest for the third meal. What do you eat for dinner? Can you give her the same thing, thats the best thing about blw no seperate meals.

Cate said...

I think I'll have to rethink what we eat so that I can save some of it for Hannah the next day or something - am trying her on sausage and boiled potatoes today, since we had sos and mash last night, will see how that goes!