Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A good day

Neil was in charge of today's breakfast, and it was a repeat of yesterdays - Raisin wheats with full fat milk and a banana. As you can see from the picture below, we don't usually give Hannah a bowl to eat from, she's not quite got the hang of them yet!

I was back on duty for lunch, and offered carrot, parsnip and sweet potato along with a breadstick and some lentil pate (which is now stored in the freezer), and a rusk and tinned pear for pudding. For once Hannah wasn't that impressed with the sweet potato, she preferred going at the breadstick. She really liked the pear, and since there's half a tin of them left in the fridge she's in luck! The rusk went down well again too, in fact more of it got eaten today than last time.
Hannah's been very tired for the past two days, sleeping a fair bit more than she has been of late, but if anything this has made her feed better than normal - both with solid food and with breastfeeding. We've moved to mixed feeding this week as well, so she's having one bottle of formula in the evening before bed and the rest of the time is breastfed. It means that I don't have to express first thing in the morning and makes it much quicker to get up and about with Hannah. So far so good, but if anything changes I'll keep you posted.

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