Thursday, 22 November 2007

Yummy in her tummy

We do seem to be back on track after the difficulties of the last few weeks, and Hannah dove right into the veggie sausage and mash I offered her at lunchtime. Well, I say mash, it was boiled potato to start with but that didn't last long! Five minutes in and it definitely looked more like mash than potato to me. The sausage got demolished too, there's hardly any of it left at all.

Sausage and potato makes quite a tidy lunch too, there's only a limited amount of mushing possible, so that's good. It's a shame the sausage is quite salty, so won't be served very often. All I did was cut it in half lengthways, perfect finger food!

Breakfast was Raisin Wheats, served with a tinned pear this time instead of banana. Hannah preferred the pear to the cereal, she only deigned to notice the cereal once most of the pear had been eaten.

Ooh, and there was another pear (the last one) for pudding after lunch. Better get another tin of them next time I go shopping, she's eaten the lot!


Laura McIntyre said...

I hate how alot of the handy things are just not the best for them, both my girls love fish fingers but i just feel bad giving them to them. Mash is a great blw food

Cate said...

I'll have to try her with proper mash next time then - wasn't brave enough this time, I thought it was too easy to throw! But we have mash fairly regularly so it'd be easy to reserve some for Hannah the next day. Ooh, and I can mash different stuff up together too, you've got me thinking now :o)