Thursday, 1 November 2007

Same as yesterday

Since yesterday's lunch was a bit of a non-starter, today's involved leftovers, plus a fromage frais - peach flavoured this time.

Fromage frais definitely seems to be the favourite item, with cheese a close second today. Carrot and parsnip were tolerated, but since they are the same colour as the two cheeses on offer, they probably got more attention than they would have otherwise! Cunning, eh? :oD

The fromage frais went down so well that Hannah actually grabbed the pot off me and tried to eat it directly:

Managed to get some video again today, sorry for the poor camera work - comes from trying to supervise lunch and use the camera at the same time! As you can see, the aim still needs some work - fromage frais isn't a great eyeshadow.


Laura McIntyre said...

New to your blog, you have an adorable little girl there. My girls both love those formage frais to, good luck with your blw jounrney

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering where you got the painting aprons from?

Neil said...

Hi There, the apron was from the Early Learning Centre. They seem to do them in pink or blue and large or small. Hannah has small which is 2-3 years so it's a bit roomy but works fine.

This page should link to them:

Cate said...

Ikea are also meant to do these bibs, although our local one didn't have any, and we've also seen them for sale in Asda. Someone told me earlier this week that Mothercare (or Mothercare World) also stock them.