Sunday, 11 November 2007

Hummus and breadsticks

Breakfast today was shredded wheat bitesize and a fig. The shredded wheat seemed like a good idea on paper, but when I'd added some full fat milk they became rather soggy and Hannah mainly mushed them between her fingers. She did eat pieces of them, but wasn't really that fussed. Also, it turns out that the suction bit on the bottom of our Ikea frog bowl is useless. I carefully stuck it down so she could help herself to the cereal, and within seconds she'd wheedled it off the tray and was merrily waving the bowl at me, tipping it up to get to the milk in the bottom.

The fig, by contrast, she was much more enthusiastic about - enough that we gave her another half a fig to have a go with. I think cereal is going to stay as an occasional thing until she can handle a spoon and bowl more neatly!

For lunch Hannah had her first try of hummus and breadsticks. I dipped one end of the breadstick in the hummus and gave it to Hannah, who immediately tried to stick it up her nose. Then she turned it round so was holding the hummus covered end in her hand and eating the end with nothing on. Eventually she managed to line up the hummus and her mouth, and did enjoy it. She also managed to crunch on and chew the breadsticks, which to be honest I wasn't really expecting to happen.

Pudding was melon chunks and a plum. She clearly preferred the melon, and in fact managed to completely eat one piece of it leaving just a thin covering of flesh on the rind. Once she'd tried all the melon she eventually moved on to the plum, but I think it was a bit too firm as she was having problems making much of a dent on it today.

No pics today, but I've added one to yesterday's post instead.

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