Monday, 19 November 2007

Exploding nappies :o(

Over the weekend we experienced a couple of nappies that exploded out of the wrap and onto Hannah's clothes, so I've decided to keep her diet rather bland for the next couple of days. So breakfast today was toast and jam and her first ever Farley's rusk. She really liked the rusk, although it looked quite funny - imagine an adult trying to eat a biscuit the size of a football. Not necessarily a bad thing...

Lunch was steamed veggies and a banana, the sweet potato went down best, the carrot and parsnip were tolerated but Hannah didn't pay them much attention until she'd eaten the sweet potato. The banana seems to get more popular each time Hannah tries it, she made short work of today's. In the end I had to hold the small mushed bits up for her to eat as she was getting very frustrated with not being able to pick them up. She'd get them half way to her mouth and they'd shoot out and land back on the tray. There was hardly any of it left at the end of the meal.

She did much better today at drinking from her Tommee Tippee cup too, although she still pours most of the water down herself rather than into her mouth. I think she might have done better because I put more water in it, so she didn't have to tip it up quite so far to get anything out.

In other news, I've found our camera again (I'd put it away somewhere safe...) so there should be more pics appearing in the next day or two.

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