Friday, 2 November 2007

Fruit medley

Hannah is 26 weeks old today! Blimey, time flies. So tomorrow we'll be starting her on two meals a day rather than the one she's been having so far.

Today's meal was a rice cake spread with butter (unsalted of course), a banana, and some slices of melon. It's the first time she's tried melon, and it seemed as popular as everything else has been. I cut a normal slice of melon, removed the seeds, gave the rind a good wash, then cut the slice into smaller chunks. I left the rind on so that she had something to grab onto.

Rice cake wasn't that popular last time, but went down better this time round. It did get a bit soggy in the mushed banana and melon juice that covered the high chair tray before the end of the meal. Watching Hannah eat melon proved good entertainment. Even with the rind on, it seemed it was hard to pick up. But that didn't stop her: she lined it up in front of her on the tray, bent double and sucked at it where it was! Very ingenious :o)

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Marijke said...

Haha lol at the bending over to get the melon without using hands. Anna does that sometimes when she cant get her food off the tray.