Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Launchable lunch

Today's brekkie was the fast-becoming-standard-issue toast, with cream cheese and jam spread on it. Lunch was rather more interesting, Hannah had a rice cake with hummus and half a fresh tomato for her main course, and a fig, a slice of melon, and some natural yogurt with half a banana mashed up in it (to sweeten it a bit).

She's definitely making progress in being able to eat melon, there were two pieces fully munched, plus two other pieces half eaten. There wasn't that much fig left either, but by the time we got to the yogurt Hannah was losing interest. She's recently discovered a new trick, of throwing things on the floor and then peering over the edge of her tray to look for them, and quite a lot of lunch ended up victim of this. Yogurt, it turns out, spreads quite well when the spoon lands, and tomatoes explode on impact. Maybe I should revise my opinion on splash mats, I only said we didn't need one yesterday!

There was a brief moment during lunch when she managed a pincer grip, the first time I've seen it, so I'll be looking out for that in the coming days and I'll see if I can catch it on camera.

Now she's eating more food I must remember to offer her a quick feed before she has her lunchtime nap - today's was postponed briefly as she started yelling as if she was hungry when I took her up to her room, so I fed her but she only wanted three or four minutes, so she must have been thirsty. Bad mummy forgot to give her a cup of water, will try that tomorrow and BF after the meal as well.

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