Saturday, 10 November 2007

Lots of new things

Hannah tried lots of new foods today. For breakfast she had a slice of eggy bread - her first egg - and seemed to like it. She dived straight in, probably because she'd been made to wait for her breakfast while I did eggy bread for everyone else too.

Lunch was a sweet potato that Grandma cooked yesterday but didn't give her, plus two chunks of polenta left over from our evening meal a couple of nights ago. I spread the polenta with tomato puree to make it a bit more interesting, and at the first taste of it she wasn't sure, but a bit more investigation indicated it wasn't poisonous so she carried on trying it.

Polenta isn't a great food to give her though, as when she dropped it it exploded into tiny little grains that are going to be hell to clean up. I think we'll be finding it for weeks!

Oh, and she had a banana for pudding, this time I just cut it in half but previously I've cut it into smaller chunks. She got on OK with the halves, but I think the smaller pieces do work better so I'll probably do those again next time.

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