Thursday, 29 November 2007

Beany Baby

Breakfast today was a slice of toast, half with cream cheese and the other half with blackcurrant jam. As yesterday, she sucked the topping off the bread quite enthusiastically before giving the toast a good gumming. Her two teeth don't seem to be having much impact yet when it comes to chewing or biting, so most of the toast finished soggy but unbowed.

Lunch was oatcakes spread with home made lentil pate, plus breadsticks. As with the toast, she was a lot more interested in the topping than the oatcake itself - I think she had quite a bit of the pate but the oatcakes seem to have been crumbled and gummed but not particularly eaten. She was keen on the breadsticks and seems to be getting the knack of crunching away at one end while holding the other one-handed. That's just showing off!

For dinner she had a one-egg omelette with mature chedder served with a small portion of baked beans - first taste of baked beans!

She went for the omelette first, she's had it before and seemed to like it again this time. We tore the omelette strips. She ignored the beans for a while and just focussed on the omelette. When she noticed the beans she had some difficulty picking them up, but eventually got one into her mouth. She seemed to really like it but got a bit frustrated because she couldn't manipulate them too well, so not many were making it to her mouth. Cate then tried holding the beans up on tip of her finger like a golf tee which worked really well, every time Cate held up a bean Hannah pounced on it like a starving man. So I think beans might be appearing on the menu again!

Personally I'm quite happy about that because currently I'm the only bean-eater in the house, Cate doesn't like them so they rarely get served ... but I'm looking forward to a future in which Hannah and I out vote Cate and get beans back on the menu. Hahaha.

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