Saturday, 17 November 2007

Pasta and sauce

Neil was in charge of this morning's breakfast, and offered Hannah toast with cream cheese, toast with jam, and a slice of melon. She didn't go a bundle on the cream cheese today, but did suck all the jam off the toast. And the melon was pretty much eaten too.

Lunch was the first proper meal of pasta, with some cheese sauce stirred in. I used pasta tubes, since that's what we had in, and the sauce was basically a white (bechamel) sauce with grated cheese stirred into it. The pasta was a little difficult to pick up, but not too bad and didn't seem to cause any problems once she'd got used to it a bit. On a few occasions she picked up a tube and it shot out of her fist, but mostly she managed to get it into her mouth. At first Hannah didn't really show any interest in the pasta at all, it took a good few minutes for her to get started. Once she had started, though, she was happy enough, so I'm not sure what the problem was.

There was another slice of melon for afters, but that'll be the last one for a while as we've run out - I'll have to pick another one up when I go shopping next.

Finally, why is it that nobody warns you of the horrible consequences of weaning? Nappies nowadays are much less pleasant than when she was exclusively breastfed, and yesterday's four dirty nappies in one day is some kind of record, she's normally a once a day kind of girl. Hey ho, another reason not to give her porridge again for quite some time...

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