Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Porridge = mistake

Well you live and learn I suppose. Today I learnt that giving a 6-and-a-bit month old baby porridge for breakfast isn't the brightest idea. Hannah seemed to like it, but it was hard to tell on account of her not really being able to get it into her mouth terribly well. I cooked it so it was quite solid, just oats with full fat milk and a teaspoon of raspberry jam stirred through, but it didn't hold together in the way I was hoping, so ended up spattered all over the dining room. We won't be offering it to her again for some considerable time!

Lunch was more successful, there was carrot and parsnip chips, plus a rice cake with homemade lentil pate, followed by gently cooked apple pieces and a slice of melon. The carrot and parsnip went down well, and after pulling a funny face at the first taste of the pate (I'm not offended, honest...) Hannah did seem to like it, at least she sucked it off the pieces of rice cake. Once again the melon completely disappeared, the apple wasn't so popular and caused her to screw her face up a bit.

I remembered to give her a drink with lunch today, although it seems Hannah prefers drinking from a cup with no lid on, so that was interesting! She managed it fairly well with some help from me in holding and tipping the cup. She's still feeding strangely though, and I don't know whether to put it down to the fact she's had a cold for the past few days, or whether she's genuinely changing how she breastfeeds. I don't think we've had a feed longer than 10 minutes in the past three days, today's pre-lunch feed was a magnificent six minutes long.

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